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Melissa Harris is one of Sydney's leading contemporary Jewellers

Thought provoking and exquisite, her unique handcrafted pieces are timeless

Melissa Harris

Melissa’s jewellery has been internationally recognised for its diversity, beauty and storytelling. Her work has been exhibited throughout more than twenty galleries across the USA, including the Whitney Museum Store and it is frequently published in magazines and media, including the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar, as well as many other leading publications..

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The Studio

Close to the store, Melissa’s studio is a hub of creativity and inspiration. She believes that a treasured piece of jewellery has relevance and meaning for a lifetime and all her work has an artisan’s touch. Largely self taught, she gained an education in technique with short intensive courses in jewellery making at the Barnsdall Art Centre under the tutelage of fine contemporary American jewellers’ such as Valerie Mitchell..

Inside the Studio

The Store

Melissa Harris Jewellery is located at the Intersection at Oxford Street and Glenmore Road, Paddington. The neighbourhood is the centre of the fashion and art scene in Sydney, and is well known for its rows of beautiful terraces, converted shop fronts, diverse community, vibrant cafes and artistic sensibility. The best of Australian and international fashion labels are showcased and sold within metres of the store.

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